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"What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing"


Paul and Lynn Crawford have been in fulltime lay ministry for 33

years and minister and teach as a team. Their ministry has

extended throughout the world with more than 110 overseas trips,

hundreds of conferences and the production of more than 14,000

videos. Their video ministry, International Television & Evangelism

Center is based in the Seattle area of Washington State.


Paul and Lynn's training and healing ministry experience was most

impacted by a six-year association with Charles and Frances

Hunter, John Wimber and a two-year relationship with Kathryn

Kuhlman at the Los Angeles Shrine meetings.


They have witnessed thousands receiving healing through the

people they trained around the world. Healings from sicknesses

that include cancer, blindness from birth, MS, and the crippled

made whole. In the process, cities and churches have been

impacted and its people energized.


In 2007 they came into relationship with Kobus van Rensburg

SpiritWord South Africa. This is a ministry that focuses on Grace

and the finished work of Christ. Crawford's new revelation and

understanding of Grace birthed their second book, "What Everybody

Ougth to Know About God's Grace." Third third book is

"Living In God's Glory.


Paul and Lynn live in Kingston, Washington on the Kitsap

Peninsula; a ferry ride West of Seattle. Their home Church is

Bayside Community Church located in Kingston, WA. They have 6

children and many grandchildren.


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