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ITEC began Webcasting Christian Conferences early in the infancy. Our first webcast was a postage stamp size very jerky picture.  Today we use a new streaming technology and the flowplayer. It provides a large stable picture about 7" diagonal.  Subscriptions pricing includes live and 60 days unlimited on demand viewing. The on demand picture is even better than the live.


Typical fees are about $2-3 per session basted on all sessions of each conference or $19-$33 for the entire conference.


PPV assures adequate bandwidth that virtually unlimited viewers can expect easy login and continuous viewing.  Some conferences may use a higher PPV fee to cover their conference costs.


Email Paul Crawford, for a specific proposal or answers to your questions. All plans are open to negotiation. Thank you.

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Purchase CD's or DVD's from our Previous Conferences.  Browse our Selection of Resources.  Enlarge your Understanding of God, and Build up your spirit. visit

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