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Over 20,000 Cripples Healed. Preaching the Uncompromised Word of God. Messages of Grace & Love.


I met the van Rensburg family, at a Wisconsin conference, where I produced the CDs and DVDs. This led me to attend their pastors conference September 2008. Two to three thousand pastors attend their twice yearly pastors conference. Lynn and I attended the September 2009 pastors conference, in Stilfontein, North West Province, South Africa, where we spent 2+ weeks in their home.

We experienced the van Rensburg ministry and personal life. We personally witnessed hundreds healed during our stay. During the 2009 visit we were part of Kobus struggle with cancer. His PET scan the month before we arrived showed that every organ of his body was full of cancer.  However God performs extraordinary works through them and for them. December 2009 the various tests all showed his body cancer free.

When Kobus was asked what he learned from the cancer battle his answer was:

"I found it proves that the Bible is true."

They are real ordinary people in ministry and at home. What you see is what they are.

The van Rensburgs preach the uncompromised Word of God with emphasis on Gods Grace and Love.

You can watch their channel 24/7 live by clicking on the link above.

I would highly recommend any of the DVD or CD teachings available below. There are numerous teaching series, on CD or DVD and Miracle DVDs. Each Miracle DVD have over one hour of one miracle after another with the healed persons testimony sometime later. Let your spirit soar to a new Faith level with the recordings listed below.

Paul & Lynn Crawford

Authors of "What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing," "What Everybody Ought To Know About Grace, " and "Living In God's Glory."

Founders:, New Sound Publishing and ITEC



Media sets offered below are promotional packages at special prices. Each DVD is in a yellow window paper sleeve and CDs in Black. This allows New Sound Media to produce and fulfil your order at a lower cost. Retail package sets can be found at 

   Shipping charges include Airmail to North America and a moderate additional charge to most countries.

Orders from outside of North America shipping covers surface mail. When you place your order we will Email the additional cost for the optional cost for Airmail.




It's Time $79 + $12 S&H


DVD 1 Time to be Spiritual

DVD 2 Time to be Spiritual, Pt 2

DVD 3 Time to Receive HIS Blood

DVD 4 Time to Awake into HIS Likeness

DVD 5 Time to Awake into HIS Likeness, Pt 2

DVD 6 Time for Immortality

DVD 7 Time of Full Salvation

DVD 8 Time for A Harvest

DVD 9 Time for A Harvest, Pt 2

DVD 10 Time to Get Into The Garden

DVD 11 Time to Get Into The Garden, Pt 2

DVD 12 Time to Bruise The Serpent

DVD 13 Time to Bruise The Serpent, Pt 2


Life In The Spirit $49 + $9 S&H


DVD 1 Your Holy Body

DVD 2 Your Holy Body Session 2

DVD 3 Your Holy Body Session 3

DVD 4 The Real New Testament

DVD 5 The Secrets of Power

DVD 6 Questions & Answers

DVD 7 Worship & Testimonies


The Promise of the Father $49 + $9 S&H


A 7 DVDs  From "Captured In Glory" series


Manifesting HIS Presence $59 + $10 S&H


DVD 1 Spirit of Christ/Kingdom Fulfilled

DVD 2 Mystery of Godliness Pt 1 & Pt2

DVD 3 Co-workers with God/Blake

DVD 4 If You See Me

DVD 5 The Christ Life In Me Pt 1 & Pt 2

DVD 6 This Is My Body

DVD 7 Christ fore-ordained to be Crucified

DVD 8 Adopted as a Son Pt 1 & Pt 2

Equal in time to over 12 DVDs


Miracles.See them healed and hear their

testimonies weeks to months later.


DVD set with over 3 hours  Miracles


Miracles 3 DVD set # 1 $19 + $5 S&H

Miracles 3 DVD set # 2 $19 + $5 S&H

Miracles 3 DVD set # 3 $19 + $5 S&H


DVD SET It's Time $79 + $12 S&H
DVD SET Life In The Spirit $49 + $9 S&H
DVD SET (7)The Promise of the Father $49 + $9 S&H
DVD SET Manifesting HIS Presence $59 + $10 S&H

CD Sets


Grace Series $45 + $9 S&H


CD 1 Freedom or Law

CD 2 He did, I get

CD 3 Grace & Mercy

CD 4 Obtain Mercy by Grace

CD 5 Grace or Law

CD 6 Law Vs Grace

CD 7 Blessed by Grace

CD 8 Grace Towards Sin

CD 9 Righteousness of the Lamb

CD 10 Perfected by Grace 1 & 2 


Tabernacle of David $24 + $5 S&H


CD 1 Rivers of Mercy

CD 2 Mercy & Revival

CD 3 Mercy Restored

CD 4 Revive Thy Work


Redemptive Names $30 + $6 S&H


CD 1 Our Redeemer

CD 2 Name of the Lord, session 1

CD 3 Name of the Lord, session 2

CD 4 Redemptive Names 1 & 2

CD 5 Redemptive Names 3

CD 6 Redemptive Names 4 & 5


Looking Unto Jesus $24 + $5 S&H


CD 1 Throne on Earth

CD 2 Our Focus on the Cross

CD 3 Focus your Eyes

CD 4 Distractions & Attractions



If you have been part of a Church

or Denomination that preaches the 

law, this media can set you free. Jesus

brought Grace upon Grace for you.


Jesus paid the price for all your sins:

past, present and future.You cannot

earn your way. This media will detail

biblically that you are FREE


All orders placed in January will

receive one Miracle DVD free.

CD SET Grace Series $45 + $9 S&H
CD SET Tabernacle of David $24 + $5 S&H
CD SET Redemptive Names $30 + $6 S&H
CD SET Looking Unto Jesus $24 + $5 S&H

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