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Paul and Lynn Crawford have been married thirty-eight years and in full-time lay ministry for over thirty-six years. They lived eleven years on San Juan Island just ten miles from Victoria, BC. Some of their children graduated from high school on the twelve-mile long island. During those island years, the Crawford’s were called to and started full-time ministry.

Paul’s calling has been “to spread the gospel through video to teach, train, evangelize and bring healing.” Through their ITEC ministry over 15,000 video masters, covering almost every major Christian national speaker, have been produced at more than 1,000 Christian conferences. Over a million video tapes, audio cassettes, CDs, and DVDs have been distributed worldwide declaring the gospel. Their websites have thousands of hours of videos and live-streaming watched each month. Conferences are webcast live at

Lynn is a singer, worshiper, teacher, and author. She has been active in Women’s Aglow leadership and served on a regional board. Lynn operates with strength in the Prophetic and Word of Knowledge. Paul also assisted Kathryn Kuhlman for two years in video development and planning at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium monthly Kuhlman meetings.

During eight years serving Charles and Francis Hunter, they launched their seminar “God’s Healing Power Through You.” The Crawford’s have taught this seminar in many nations on over 115 international trips imparting and activating regular believers to minister healing. Lynn and Paul teach as a team with each speaking multiple times per hour session. 

Paul has traveled extensively throughout China on 30 trips, starting in 1985 when he videotaped the printing of the first Bibles printed in Nanjing China since the Communist takeover. He worked with most of China’s seminary leadership bringing study Bibles (not available then in China) and other printed materials on every trip.

Following the direction of the Holy Spirit has led them to an exciting life. Paul was in Tiananmen Square the day before the tanks rolled in and at the presses when the first Bibles rolled off the press in Nanjing. They were both at the Berlin Wall the day it came down. 

During a 2007 conference in Wisconsin Paul met Kobus van Rensburg from South Africa. His ministry SpiritWord has seen over 15,000 cripples healed.  After Kobus read Releasing God’s Healing Power Through You, he sent them tickets to speak in his church. Then he produced forty television programs of their teaching and ministry which are being broadcast on SpiritWord’s  24/7 Satellite channel. This channel reaches all of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and most of the world. After additional trips Paul and Lynn fell in love with South Africa and have become known as Grandpa and Grandma there.  

In September 2010 while in Austin producing a video series, Creating an Atmosphere for the Supernatural Paul met Dudley Perio. While Dudley’s family was at Redding, CA Dudley was worshipping the Lord all alone at home, a supernatural golden dust came on him and has returned every day since. Miracles happen most weeks, on the street when someone asks about the gold dust Dudley tells them “This happens when I get in God’s presence. This sign gets their attention and I can point them to Jesus.”  Unbelievers know it is God and ask for prayer with Supernatural Results.

The Crawford’s wrote Dudley’s story in a book “Living in God’s Glory”. Over the last 2 years God has given Dudley over 50 inventions he has patented. The first ones in production are already impacting the major oil fields of the world.

As a team the Crawford’s have written two additional books: Releasing God’s Healing Power, Embracing God’s Amazing Grace and a seminar manual study guide Releasing God’s Healing Power.

ITEC served Georgian Banov and Global Celebration with video production, CDs and webcasting the past seven years. The Crawford’s website and YouTube video posts have had over two million hits and most months show 100,000 hours of viewing.

Paul has fulfilled his conference video calling and he and Lynn are always seeking to connect with what God is doing today. We learned years ago to set aside our agenda asking God to make us part of what He is doing.  Our daily question is “God, what are You doing now?” We want to be a part of what God is doing vs God helping us with what we are doing.

In March 2015 Crawford’s linked with Mike Bickel and IHOPKC. Paul worked with Mike producing video for his conferences and Mike’s Saturday night teaching for five years in the 90’s. Paul and Lynn are usually in Kansas City in the Spring and fall primarily mentoring IHOP University students and assisting with healing teaching, training, and activating lay people to effectively minister healing.

Their experience writing and publishing books will be available to encourage and assist student or staff. Some weekends they will conduct healing seminars throughout the USA. Crawford’s are available to conduct their weekend seminar Releasing God’s Healing Power when requested. 

 This year (2016) they will publish five books: God is Real by David Sorenson, Healing by Deliverance by Mel Johnson, Grace Quotes, Life Quotes, Declarations and Decrees compiled by Paul Crawford with over 800 quotes from 43 people, Fingerprints on the Altar Rail, and the Crawford’s newest book God Loves You No Matter What will be published Fall of 2016    

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