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What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing

Lynn and I wrote What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing for people in need of healing and those who want to minister healing effectively. Based on Mark 16:17-18 where Jesus last words to His disciples "go in to the whole world and spread the Gospel..lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Are you a disiple of Christ?


Releasing God's Healing Power is the companion study guide and seminar of our book What Everybody Ought to Know About Healing. It includes fifty pages of our study outline, a section on ways to pray, and personize scriptures.  With personize scripture you insert your name where the scripture has, them, you, they, etc. 

Releasing God's Healing Power $14 + S&H

Our book What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing and this seminar are a result of our thirty-three years in ministry. The book, seminar, and our teaching originated in our ten year relationship with Charles and Francis Hunter. Their mantra was: If Charles and Francis can do it, you can do it too.

Time spent with the Hunters’ and other healing ministries, along with our personal ministry experiences have expanded our under­standing and perspective of it being God’s will that we should be healed. In the vast majority of healings, someone’s faith was a factor. It might be the person ministering, the individual receiving ministry, or someone somewhere praying in faith.

When we teach this seminar, it is typically done in 8 to 10 hours. This outline is what we use. We have included extra teaching material, so it can be used as a study guide on its own or more effectively with our book and DVD series.

By investing your time to study the Bible and especially healing, your faith will grow. When you study as a group and corporately, your combined faith level will soar. When we teach the seminar live and it person, it is followed by a healing meeting. The believers’ corporate faith level is so high that they can’t wait to lay hands on the sick. We have seen outstanding supernatural healings, through the trainees, including cases of blindness, cancer, cripples’ walking, and most every kind of disease and sickness are gone in Jesus’ Name.

The Word builds faith; revelation from the Word by the Holy Spirit builds faith; and hearing (teaching) of the Word builds faith.

We know the revelation God has given us, now understandable through our books, seminar, and DVDs, will equip you to effectively minister healing to others. If Charles and Francis can do it you can do it too. If Paul and Lynn can do it, you can do it too.



Listed below is a Seminar kit designed for a home group, church or healing team


Releasing God’s Healing Power Group Seminar Kit


7 Releasing God’s Healing Power Seminar Books $14.95 each                              $104.65

7 What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing Books $19.95 each               $139.65

Releasing God’s Healing Power Seminar 12 DVD set                                             $69.00                                          

                                                                                                           Total Value            $313.30

                                                                                 Home Group/Study Group   Special $199   +S&H


Additional  Releasing God’s Healing Power Seminar Books $10 each with original order

Additional What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing Books $12 each w/original order

Call 800-488-3153 or place your order on line below

Healing Seminar Kit: DVD set, 7 Healing and 7 Study Guide Books








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