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Prophet Kobus van Rensburg

I was born 24th of October 1952, with a God-fearing mother. I loved the Lord Jesus from a small age.

On my 7th birthday I gave my life to God in an Evangelistic meeting. Unfortunately, I spent my High School career in a hostel, with the wrong friends and as a result drifted away from Jesus. By the age of 19, I was caught up with smoking, drinking, drugs and stealing.

In 1971 I joined the South African Air Force and was soon transferred to the Navy to study Electronical Engineering and also to do an officers course. I furthered my career at Atlas Aircraft Co-op.

Praise God! I met Jesus again, God never left me!

At age 24 I was back, surrendered to God and within days preaching in the street corners and praying for the sick.
God worked with me and signs followed.

At age 27 I went to a Pentecostal Bible School where I met my dear wife Annalise. After marriage, we set off to the mission field where miracles and salvations were just great.

We pioneered a few churches before taking the pastorate of an established church in Klerksdorp, North West of RSA.

After 3 successful years, God kept on reminding me of the vision, explaining in detail where we are now at present, and what we are doing now.

On the 26th April 1985 we resigned from the denomination and started Spirit Word Ministries, which was then called Lofdal Ministries. In the year 2000, we started broadcasting and 4 years later we launched the Spirit Word Channel.

The vision keeps on expanding, all Praise and Glory to our King JESUS, who is THE CHRIST!

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