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Paul's Major Heart Attack Healing.

When we returned, early May from IHOPKC, I was having trouble breathing. At my first visit to the doctor he gave me breathing tests and announced I had asthma, I asked for a separate opinion and he sent me to a pulmonary doctor. He ran more tests and confirmed I had asthma and prescribed Dulara which contains cortisone and a bronchial dilator. My breathing improved and the wheezing went away.

They were wrong. Unknown to me I had a blocked heart artery,  congestive heart failure and a previous major heart attack, that was not properly diagnosed until August 14th.

During the past year my energy had diminished and my morning coffee jolt didn’t make much difference. I was definitely slowing down, walking slow, shuffling and short of breath. I thought this was the miserable part of (76) ageing. This continued throughout the summer.

In August it was harder to breathe again and my feet and legs were swollen. When I weighed, on Friday 8/14, I had gained 12 pounds in a week. I went to the Doctor and he ran an EKG that indicated an irregular heart rhythm and a major heart attack. He asked me when I had a heart attack and I said never. No heart pain or anything that would indicate a heart attack. My son Joel says this kind is called “A Widow Maker” because you don’t even know you have a heart issue. The doctor wanted to send me to the Bremerton hospital, in an ambulance, but I chose to drive the 20 minutes.

The ER nurse prepared me for the ER doctor and told me that night’s ER crew was the hospitals best combination that I could have. I said, “I bet you say that to all your patients” and she told me “I would want this crew for my family members.”

A battery of tests and scans were conducted and it was concluded that sometime in the past I had suffered a major heart attack. I had congestive heart failure and they sent me home that night. After taking a diuretic (water pills) for ten days  I lost twenty pounds of water weight. A visit to my GP was scheduled for the next week. My GP set me up with a U of W cardiologist for the next Monday.


I posted (#1) the following on Facebook and sent it in sixty emails to others not on Facebook:

Monday 8/30 I will have a stress test and echogram to see what’s up. I’ve seen thousands healed by God’s Power and Grace. 99% of the time someone contributed a prayer of Faith. I ask you to join us in praying that the Monday tests will show that if I had any heart damage or problems THEY ARE HEALED. If you are not led to specifically pray I just ask you to agree with Lynn and I in our prayers.

Agreement is a multiplier. Two in agreement can send ten thousand to flight. We are expecting good things and an exciting future. We will keep you posted. Blessings.

Facebook and Email # 2

My electrocardiogram and stress test indicate I have had a heart issue in the past that has done some damage. It appears as much as one third of my heart tissue has died from the lack of blood flow. As it is inconclusive, I have been schedule for an angioplasty procedure Wednesday 9/9. They insert a tube through a vein in your arm to inspect the artery in your heart. Based on what they find they may expand the artery with a balloon tip or insert a stent opening the artery more. This is a common procedure today with small risk. Today I feel 95% better than 2 weeks ago, Praise GOD.! The cardiologist says if there is blockage and its cleared I will feel like 25 again. Watch out. I request your continued prayers for Supernatural results. Thank you. Paul

Facebook and Email report # 3.

Yesterday my cardiologist put a camera through my left wrist artery and found a completely blocked heart artery. This blockage eliminated the option of inserting a stent to  allow blood to flow through the artery. The cardiologist stated it appears part of the heart tissue died (25-33%) from lack of blood flow and I did have a major heart attack some time (months to years) ago. It has been enough time that the heart is working to heal itself by building collateral vessels to feed the dead area. My heart’s current blood flow is about 50% of normal which allows me to function to a great degree normally but with reduced energy. Next I will have a viability test to see if there is enough live tissue in the area that a bypass would assist in rebuilding. I ask you to speak life to the dead tissue. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your prayers. Paul & Lynn Crawford

Facebook and Email #4

I had a stress test 3 weeks ago that showed I had a major heart attack (over a year ago) and about 25-30% of the heart died. Ten days ago they put a camera up my artery and found it completely blocked. Last Thursday 9/17 I had a viability test to show how much of the heart is alive. The results came tonight and Dr. Sawyer, U of W medical, gave me the answer. 

He said he was very perplexed as he could not determine what was going on as my “dead spot” was much smaller than what they thought. He had 3 other University of Washington cardiologists read the test with the same results. He said I have developed a substantial group of collateral veins that are feeding blood to the area the clogged artery doesn’t. My heart rate is now near normal and most of the other problems are gone. Praise GOD I’m not perplexed, my Savior Heals!

We delayed our departure to IHOPKC as the Doctors advised us. Although I would not let a heart attack stop me, I promised Lynn we would not leave until the doctor said OK

Dr. Sawyer has removed all restrictions on my activity and wants to redo an echocardiogram in a couple of months. He wants me to get exercise, low cholesterol diet and tiny amount of salt. We had put all plans on hold even though we expected the good news I got tonight. We will take a week to ask God what He is doing. We want to be a part of what He is doing. Thank you for your prayers. God answered big time. We continue to speak life to Paul. Lynn


God heals, God heals today, God is not a respecter of person, God wants us healed, His sacrifice of his Son provided Grace and healing is as much a Grace as Salvation, He loves me, He loves you and agreement is a powerful spiritual force.

My healing is a work in progress and it will be completed with perfection.

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