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RELEASING GOD’S HEALING POWER                                 

  PO Box 7300 Kingston, WA 98346    Email


Dear Pastor,

Our calling and desire is to teach, train and activate Christians to become effective lay ministers of healing and God’s Grace.

My wife Lynn and I have traveled 2.5 million miles teaching and ministering healing on over 114 international trips. We hear God’s Spirit calling “Now is the time for the USA.” We feel especially called to assist pastors in training, equipping, and activating lay workers for the work of ministry, particularly in the area of healing.

Toward that end, I want to propose that you sponsor or co-sponsor our seminar, Releasing God’s Healing Power, in your area. We have enclosed our teaching DVDs to assess our teaching content and style.

We have operated in the Gifts of the Spirit for more than 30 years, and while we are very passionate about what we do, we are not screamers, yellers, or shakers. The Holy Spirit is gentle and wants to flow through the authentic person God created and loves.

We train lay workers to be themselves when they minister, avoiding controversial behavior that will take the focus away from God.  We also teach on the Word of Knowledge which has become a dynamic faith builder. 

Our second book on healing, What Everybody Ought To Know About Healing: Releasing God’s Healing Power, is now published and available on Amazon books or Kindle. The seminar study guide, Releasing God’s Healing Power, is also available on Amazon.

In our thirty-three years of teaching and ministering, we found many feel they have fallen short and are not worthy to be healed or minister healing.

God’s Grace abundantly provides salvation and healing. It also frees us from condemnation and allows us to see others in God’s image (how He sees them).

We are setting aside October 11 ?? November 24, 2013 and February 27?? April 26 2014 to conduct our three day seminar Releasing God’s Healing Power Through You.

Out typical seminar is 3 sessions: one Friday night and two on Saturday or in some cases all 3 on Saturday. We seek participants who need healing for themselves, family and friends. We also want to train those who desire to be confident and effective ministers of healing.

Sunday afternoon we have a healing service for the community, attendees’ family, friends and anyone needing healing. The students who took the seminar then minister on Sunday.

We have found that the most fruitful seminars and healing services occur when local churches co-sponsor the seminar. There is something about churches working together in unity that ushers in a very special fragrance of God’s anointing.

Please let us know if we can help you train and equip your congregation to walk in a greater measure of God’s healing anointing.  We will be more than glad to send you our book and seminar guide so you can become more familiar with our ministry.

Our desire is above and foremost to bless you and your congregation.  Should you decide to invite us, we only ask that you provide housing and cover our travel costs.   Many churches that invite us charge a registration fee and/or receive a love offering for us, but neither is required.

Be continually blessed. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul & Lynn Crawford                                           

Cell 360-649-4121                                       

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