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God Given Technology and Inventions Dudley Is Developing

Over the past twelve months healing miracles have manifested on a regular basis. Meantime over 50 technology and inventions have been patented by Dudley. Some are being developed by Dudley, others with Dudley's partner corporation sand some by nations including China.

He has license these partnership to develop, manufacture and distribute many of the products. Some of his development, all of which he gives God the Glory and credit, include technologies that are impacting countries  with major oil fields like Venezuela, Mexico and China. 

One of the inventions is a drilling fluid and the equipment to pump it in the well while drilling. The fluid is so slippery the drill typically penetrates the earth five times faster than regular drilling fluid. Pumps ($30,000) used in drilling often wear out in weeks and must be replaced. With this fluid the pumps show little ware after many months. It is ecology pure to a degree that it could be drank. This product is being manufactured and distributed from Texas and by China to many international oil fields. In December 2013 Dudley made his third trip to China selling them yet another technology. 

On Dudley's earlier 2013 China trip he was honored by the head of China oil and 10,000 people whose jobs are a result of the Dudley patented technology. Two other interesting products being manifacured from Dudley's patents is a water tank that holds a million gallons of water needed for oil drilling. It can be taken apart and transported to the next drilling site.

One of the major problems pumping oil is the pipe gets a build up of salt and paraffin. In about three weeks the flo is so limited the the well must be shut dow and the pipes cleaned. Dudley's magnet based unit is clamped on the pipe at intervals and the salt and paraffin will not buildup.

Our hopes are to write Dudley's next book on inventions and miracles in 2014.

Paul and Lynn Crawford

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