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Who is Dudley Perio?

On September 5, 2010, Dudley was at his Austin home alone. His wife, Natalie, was visiting their children, who are attending Bill Johnsons Bethel School in Redding, California. A little lonesome he sat with his guitar and worshiped his Lord. As he sang and strummed the guitar strings, he saw his dog jump back. Looking towards the dog he glimpsed gold dust coming off his arm. This started an amazing journey of revelation, healings, and miracles.

To this date, the golden flecks that are showered away each day reappear when he worships and pursues God's presence. A book, Living in God's Glory, is available detailing how God has used Dudley ministering in Signs and Wonders. The story of how God uses ordinary Christians to do Extraordinary works includes Dudley's work and inventions in the Texas oil fields.

The book tells the of a man, who was a permanent fixture on the back row in church, but who has been changed so radically that he is now passionately pursuing God and being used by Him to perform miracles in Austin and around the world.

Professional Endorsment

When I read Dudley’s book I was struck how such a common ordinary man could be used by God in such miraculous ways.  Reading his book was like reading the story of a modern day apostle who walks with Jesus, doing what Jesus did, each and every day.  We invited Dudley to come minister at our Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry and the people there were touched by his deep humility and the words he had for them.  Anyone who reads his book will be encouraged that God can use them as well in miraculous ways, if they will make themselves totally available!
Dr. Frank H. Billman
Dean of the Methodist School for Supernatural Ministry, Aldersgate Renewal Ministries
Adjunct Professor at United Theological Seminary for the Doctor of Ministry in Supernatural Ministry
PS—I can’t wait to read Dudley’s next book!

DVDs & CDs


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"Living In God's Glory" $19.95 + $4 S&H
6 CD set Dudley Interview $33 4 S&H
6 DVD set Dudley Interview $39 + $4 S&H


It Has Been Over Three Years

It was three years ago  this past Labor Day, September 5, 2010, that Dudley Perio began his adventure of being daily covered in the gold dust of heaven.  Every day he scrupulously washes it off, and every morning it reappears on his skin.  Wherever he goes, amazing stories of God touching his people happen.

 My wife Natalie asked me to run to the grocery store for her.  I was busy getting business done, but I decided to bless her and go.  As I stood in the checkout line, the checker commented, "Do you know you have glitter all over you?"

"Yes, I know," I replied.  "When I get in the Presence of the Lord, this comes on me.  It's happens every day.  As a matter of fact this is the one year anniversary of the first day it came on me."

Suddenly I heard the man in line behind me cry loudly, that deep kind of almost painful cry.  I turned to look at him.  He was about late fifties, white hair and moustache.  He grabbed my arm and I felt the love of God just pouring out over him.  He said, "This morning I woke up and told God that if he would show himself to me, I would follow him all the days of my life!"  I hugged him as he openly wept. It felt like we were under a waterfall of the Father's love.

"It's not by chance I am standing here right now," I gently said. "God put me here at exactly this moment for you."  I led him to the Lord right there in the checkout line.  People had begun to gather, about fifteen of them. The checker and many others had tears.

"Can I touch you?" a lady asked.  Another woman asked me for a hug.

I responded, "If you were driving to Ft. Worth and you see the sign to Ft. Worth, would you stop and hug the sign?  I'm only a sign that points to God, but I will give you God's hug anyway!" Everyone was reaching out for a touch.

As we parted the man told me, "My life will never be the same!"

I could feel the heavens rejoicing over this one man who was ushered into son-ship by the Father.  It never grows old, is never common, is forever precious. Praise the Lord, and to You be all the honor and glory! What a perfect anniversary present from God.  Restoring His true treasure back to Jesus for the reward laid up for going to the cross-- priceless.



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