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Endorsements for Dudley

Natalie Perio (Dudley’s wife): For years it's been the cry of my heart and the prayer of my lips that Dudley would love the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength. I have faith that God's love for us and our love of God is the unfailing answer for all of our challenges and problems. Sometimes it takes time and with Dudley, time and more time. But I have witnessed God's love heal, mend, release, blossom and bear much fruit in Dudleyand through him to others, including to myself and our kids.

He totally amazes me with: his faith in God and God's power; his quick forgiveness towards himself (very important) and others (just as important); his desire to encourage; and his heart to help others. The glorious love of God is working in him.

And then the gold dust! At times, we had seen gold dust on our hands, clothes, and chairs during worship at church. Now, it was showing up on his face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. He washes it off and it comes back again. Boy, is that something! It has caused my mind to spin and my heart to cry, “Lord, what is this about?”

It is one thing if it is happening to someone else but this is my husband. The days of “gold dust” have been surrounded with testimony after testimony, most happening to people simply as Dudley goes about his daily life. And I heard the Lord say to me: “God wants His glory on the streets. Dudley is carrying gold dust (God's glory) outside the church walls and among the people. People have been and will continue to be touched. What an adventure in God!

Daniel Perio (age 32): When I first heard of gold dust showing up on my dad I was skeptical. However, having witnessed this appearing in person has opened my eyes to how “real” miracles can be. My dad leads by example when it comes to living the Christian life. God's putting this “gold dust” on him has given him more opportunities to share Jesus with others.

Sarah Perio (age 30): What can I say about my dad? Well, he is funny. There is always laughter when he is around. He is inventive, kind, and courageous. He is one of the most generous people I have ever known. When we were children, I knew my parents were struggling financially, but my dad would always say, "I have money I haven't even spent yet." We would all laugh, someone would cheer, and someone would inevitably say, "I hope so." He has a way of lightening moods and always gives us confidence and reassurance that every­thing is going to be okay.

His trust in the Lord taught me to trustas I saw God come through every time. I have learned a lot about my Heavenly Father through my dad's life and his love for God. I think it is a beautiful thing that God is working mightily through my parent's lives, but I know He has even more ahead and I look forward to what He has in store for them next.

Nathan Perio (age 27): I have such an amazing father. He has continually supported me in my life's quest and cheered me on in whatever I've done. He believes the best in me. He is a man of such simplistic faith in God and his life story is example after example of it. He has modeled for me loving and giving from a pure heart and not expecting to receive something in return.

That has only continued when the “gold dust” started to appear on him. When people ask, he always points them to God and then gives away what he's been given. To me the gold dust is a sign that simply points to an unexplainable God that is really good. Why it is happening doesn't really matter to me as much as what is coming from this situation. And all I can see is that God is being glorified in my dad and in the lives he is touching.

Kenny Perio (age 26): At the time of this writing, Kenny is a Sergeant in the US Marines and deployed to Afghanistan. He is currently out on a mission. Therefore, we could not get his response in time for printing. We are very proud of him and all those who serve our country. Their unselfish service to protect others truly reflects our God. (written by Dudley)

Natalie Ann Perio (24): It has really caught me off guardsomething like this happening to someone so close to me. It is easy to say that I believe in all of this crazy supernatural stuff. But when I heard it started happening to my dad, it became such a reality that it actually challenged me at first. I caught myself trying to reason what it could be. But God has once again shown me that He is outside of any box I could make for Him. Now, I am truly amazed at the realness of our God and His goodnessnot only towards my dad but through him. I am taken back when I think about where my dad has come fromto where he is now. The only answer is: the Love and Power of God. I am so excited for him and what is to come for our family and beyond.

Clara Perio (22): Over the years, I have known my dad to be in many unbelievable situations where he made a decision to go past fear, step into faith, and create a place for God to move. This is one of the major things that I look up to in my dad.

For me, the “gold dust” continuing to be on my dad isn't a surprise or shock—it's the things God is doing through this in people's lives that are unbelievable. It is amazing how God is encouraging people just because He loves them and no other reason. That's what makes my heart burn. So since I am my father's daughter, I am looking for my inheritance of these encounters of God's love and looking for Him to show up in crazy ways. I love my dad!


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