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Dr. Lance Wallnau

For his website go to:

View Dr. Lance Wallnau teaching from Global Celebration Cleveland

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The 7 Mountain Mandate by Dr. Lance Wallnau

In his teaching series titled "The 7 Mountain Mandate," Dr. Lance Wallnau says in order to be more effective, Christians should infiltrate 7 mountains or pillars of society that shape culture. Wallnau claims the church has been successful at evangelism but has failed at changing nations. He says that only a few people in positions of authority at the top of each mountain (religion, family, education, government, media, arts/sports, business/technology) actually determines what happens on the mountain (or area of society), thus, shaping culture. Christians have made the mistake of merely focusing on getting people to the religion mountain rather than training and sending believers to infiltrate other mountains so that Kingdom principles can be applied and promoted there.

Some Christians believe this teaching is heresy, claiming Lance is a false prophet, and that it goes against scriptures that show the kingdom will be fulfilled at the return of Jesus Christ but I believe that history and the Bible would prove different.

In the Bible, David was anointed to be King, a secular position even though he was an incredible man of God. Daniel was promoted into a high ranking government position due to his spiritual gift of dream interpretation. Moses, Joseph, Cornelius, the list goes on and on.

In history, the anecdotes may be even clearer than the obvious Biblical examples mentioned above. One of the most profound examples I believe is Constantine and the conversion of the Roman Empire. In 312 at the Battle Milvian Bridge, it is said that Constantine saw a cross and light above the sun with words saying "by this, conquer!" A year later the Edict of Milain was instituted which decreed the tolerance of Christianity and removed penalties for professing Christianity. Constantine began to promote Christians in high-ranking government positions, supported the church financially, and built a number of extraordinary buildings for them. Many claim this was the beginning of Christendom. By the conversion of one man in authority on top of the government mountain, God spread Christianity throughout the world.

While it may not have been as successful as the opportunity could have been, we cannot forget the story of Marco Polo. His family spread Christianity along a trade route to Asia. Intrigued by their claims of Christianity, Kublai Khan said, "You send me a hundred men skilled in your religion and I shall be baptized and all my subjects will study Christianity too. There will then be more Christians in the East than in the West. The men remained in China for 17 years, during which time Marco carried out diplomatic missions throughout the empire. Marco claims that he held the position of governor over the large commercial city of Yangzhou. He also claimed to have visited hundreds of Christian churches. These would have been the result of Christianity that had arrived in 635 from Christian merchants along the Silk Road (Nostoro, 2008)."

While it is true the Kingdom will be fulfilled to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, we must accept that God in His mercy still wants to save as many people as possible. History proves that there is no greater way for nations to be converted than through leaders in high positions whether it would be through their conversion or through the Lord raising up leaders full of faith in Him. The bottom line is that we must fulfill that which God called us to fulfill. For some of us this may mean full-time ministry but for most of us it will mean fulfilling our secular roles in a holy and Godly manner, using our influence for Kingdom purposes. I will close with some food thought: which has more influence in the lives of others, being a pastor of a church of 120 believers (the average size of an American church) or managing a company of 5oo employees, etc.?




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